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Highland Bee'tzzz

Highland Bee’tzzz has partnered with INV-ISION and Mikeysline to create a unique initiative, bringing together a collection of DJ sets to raise money for charity. We're calling on all DJs from the Highlands and surrounding areas to contribute their talent to this cause. Each Music Gift Box sold to the public will feature a large number of DJ mixes, each around one hour of music. This project not only showcases local talent but also supports a meaningful cause.

Highland Bee'tzzz Lofo Design 4-3.png

By participating, DJs can contribute significantly. The Music Gift Boxes will be sold on a year-on-year basis, with 100% of proceeds directed towards supporting Mikeysline. This presents a wonderful chance to engage in a creative and charitable endeavour, advocating for both music and mental health awareness within our community.


Join us in making a difference through the power of music.

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